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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yacht Charter Sanibel Island

When people think about booking  a Yacht Charter to Sanibel Island they are usually interested in having a great time swimming and sunning on their vacation but without question, the main reason people love Sanibel Island is to hunt for the wonderful and abundant treasures from the sea......seashells!

Seashells are found in two distinctive varieties. The first is the gastropod which is basically a single shell and includes such species as conchs, olive shells and whelks. The other main types are bivalves, such as scallops, clams and oysters, which live within two hinged shells. The empty seashells you find on the beaches at Sanibel or Captiva Islands were once were home to mollusks which are soft-tissued animals that lived inside. Mollusks secrete a liquid that eventually hardens around them and this builds the shell. As the animals grow larger, their shells grow right along with them. There also have special glands which create distinctive color pigments before new layers of shell harden.

Shells and their inhabitants play an important role in the ecology of the barrier island beaches. In addition to providing food for birds and fish, the scavenging and filtering action performed by certain types of mollusks help to cleanse the waters of the Gulf! Not only that, they help to keep the sand neatly in place because the wave actions crush down bits of over time into smaller and smaller particles and this helps to replenish the sand on the beaches.

With a Sanibel Island Yacht Charter, you get to spend as much time as you like combing the beaches for shells! You are not limited by time and are on your own schedule. So the next time you want to have a truly leisurely visit to Sanibel, think about doing an overnight yacht charter at Sanibel Island and bookmark this page at for quick reference to our website.

Yacht Charters Sanibel Island Florida

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Boat Rentals Punta Gorda Florida, Boat Rental Punta Gorda FL


Boat Rentals Punta Gorda Florida


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Boat Rentals Punta Gorda Florida

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