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Monday, 23 June 2014
Boat Tour Englewood Florida
We had an awesome boat tour in Englewood FL last night which included both a sunset tour and a dinner cruise! The H2O Limo is a very comfortable party boat that is located in Southwest Florida on the beautiful island of Manasota Key.  We had a party of seven, a married couple with their two young kids, two grandmothers and a very special seven year old that was a late life child of one of the grandmothers. Their cruise began at Chadwick Cove Marina which is a lovely quaint "Old Florida" type of establishment.  Our group commented that Chawick Cove felt like they had stepped back in time as they enjoyed all the beautiful tropical surroundings which included mangrove forests and giant Snook fish swimming beneath the boats. 
After embarking on our boat tour, the H2O limo headed down the winding mangrove channels south towards Stump Pass Beach State Park.  This was a day that nature didn't disappoint.  The children and adults alike we all amazed when the pods of dolphins came out to play.  They dolphins were jumping and playing in our boat wake and several even came up on the sides of the H2O Limo very close to the boat.  During the cruise, we got to see an amazing variety of salt water birds such as Ospreys, Grey Herons, Terns, Snowy Egrets and Magnificiant Frigate birds.  The mangroves were teaming with wildlife every where you turned! 
About thirty minutes into our boat tour from Englewood, we arrived at Stump Pass Beach State Park.  With dolphins still cresting a few feet offshore, we were also lucky enough to see a pair of sting rays gliding along in the clear teal green Gulf waters as the tide started rolling in! Less than an hour after arriving on Stump Pass beach, the toddlers in the group shed their clothes while alternating swimming in the calm waters in Lemon Bay with chasing the Herons and Egrets as they stood on shore trying to catch their dinner with the incoming tide. 
The next hour was spent drying off while tour boat explored another mangrove channel while waiting for the sun to set.  About fifteen minutes or so later, Captain Stuart took the H2O Limo out of Stump Pass and into the Gulf of Mexico so the group could watch the fiery sun as it descended into the sea.  It was a stunning display that definitely didn't disappoint!  After the sunset, we all decided it was time for dinner so we cruised back up the mangrove channel to a waterfront restaurant called Flounder's in Englewood, FL.  There, we all enjoyed a wonderful meal outdoors by a firepit while listening to wonderful live entertainment.  This is the great thing about a boat tour in Southwest Florida.....there are many casual restaurants you can drive your boat right up to for a delightfull dinner!
So, next time you visit Southwest Florida, remember the H2O Limo for all your family fun and adventure.  Bookmark our wesite at for easy access to our website!
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014
5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 16, 2014 NEW
Tripadvisor Review

My two son's, myself and one special young lady were drawn to visit Englewood, Florida for a quiet get away vacation after my son and his girlfriend graduated from college. We wanted the beauty of the clear green Florida waters but not the busy tourist scene. We wanted to hear nature around us and of course when you travel near water you desire to see "the sun set". We arrived at Chadwick Cove at our scheduled time with Gulf Island Tours to begin our journey on the Manasota key waters. Captain Stewart awaited us in the parking lot to assist us with parking and without delay he helped us board the H20 Limousine docked for a convenient escape. He had explained in advance to our arrival at Englewood Florida the exact timing of the tour would allow us to see the dolphins feeding and he timed our visit along the waters with exact precision. He was so entertaining and knowledgeable of the inhabitants along the isles. The H20 limousine was so spacious. My grown children had comfortable cushion "couches" to relax as we cruised past Stump Pass and to little Gaspirilla and beyond. Captain informed us of each isle we passed and the history. He went out of his way to show us "birds" that had formed nest in the canal marker pole. He was exact on the type of "birds" but i failed to remember all he shared. Sea World in Florida has always been a favorite of mine to visit, but never have i had the opportunity to be up close and personal with the dolphins in their own territory! They were so enjoying our company as well. So we cruised site seeing and enjoying our company for a three hour tour on the H20 Limousine and the highlight of the tour was that we returned to Stump Pass at the exact time of the sun setting. Captain Stewart positioned us in the water as we watched the most beautiful sun set I have ever seen. We all agreed the site was even too beautiful to capture by photo so we just soaked in the beauty of the moment

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Tuesday, 03 June 2014
Beaches Near Punta Gorda - 941-505-8687 

Without a doubt, Charlotte and Sarasota counties have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida that are only a short ride from Punta Gorda.  In less than an hour, you can visit ten very beautiful and unique beaches near Punta Gorda Florida. Interestingly, some of these beaches actually have trees growing right on the beach so sometimes, an umbrella isn't always a necessity!  Some of these specatcular Florida beaches have sand that is very white, fine "sugary" sand and others have "crushed up shells" that although feels a little more coarse, it is also a lot less sticky. The gorgeous clear blue green waters surround and define these beaches near Punta Gorda summing them up with one word - paradise!  At Gulf Island Tours, we offer many ways to visit these areas, by both land and by sea.  Book a boat charter for a delightful way to experience the best of all of Southwest Florida.  Let us come and pick you and your group up in our Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limousine or combine the limousine and the yacht by booking one of our 'Land & Sea' Packages! 

Boca Grande Beach & Gasparilla Island State Park

Boca Grande has fantastic public beaches that are very close to Punta Gorda. Many of Gasparilla Island's beaches are compared to Caribbean and attract beach lovers from around the world. These beaches near Punta Gorda are noted for their light green waters, exquisite seashells and bleached-white sands. Here, you can often see the dolphins playing and jumping in the surf!  While here, you definitely want to check out the famous Boca Grande Lighthouse and the Lighthouse Museum.  Both feature an interesting look back at the rich history of Boca Grande and explain the original purpose for the construction of the lighthouse! 

This pristine beach offers great amenities such as freshwater showers, picnic tables and grills but there are no concessions available or lifeguards on duty (so plan accordingly.) This beach is open from dawn until dusk though when seas are calm, make a great anchorage for a boat charter. The best fishing and shelling on the island is usually found at Gasparilla Island Southeast Public Beach. This area is definitely worth a visit along with the Armory Chapel which was one of the first churches built here. It has been lovingly restored by local residents and many functions are held there Oceanside. 

Venice Beach/Venice Beach Jetties

Located on Venice Island just south of Sarasota along the Gulf of Mexico, Venice Beach is one of five beaches across the nation to receive the Best Restored Beaches Award in 2008!  Here you will find a gorgeous large public beach well known for it’s glorious sunsets and view of the Gulf of Mexico. There is also a 700-foot pier  which is a great location for fishing or to just relax and watch a dramatic Florida sunset.  This fabulous beach near Punta Gorda offers free parking, concessions, lifeguards, restrooms, boardwalks, benches, volleyball courts, picnic tables and showers. This area is a world renowned place to find sharks teeth and other fossilized material.  For scuba divers, there is a coral reef located approximately one-quarter mile offshore. 

A favorite beach for many, we like to pull up by boat to enjoy what locals enjoy year-round.  However, this is a popular limousine destination day and night!

Nokomis Beach/Casey Key

One of the best beaches near Punta Gorda is Nokomis Beach on Casey Key in Venice. You won't find any high rises or chain hotels here!  This beach near Punta Gorda is "old Florida" at its best.  There you will see a very quaint collection of inns only a short stroll away from the public beach access along with marina rentals. On the way there, you will notice a lush canopy of tropical trees along a the winding Gulf-front street as well as some of Sarasota's most luxurious homes. Nokomis Beach also has a great boardwalk, lifeguards, food concessions plus restrooms, picnic tables and showers. 

Caspersen Beach

Last but not least, Caspersen Beach is the longest beach in Sarasota County. This lovely beach is somewhat secluded and has been left in its natural state,uncultivated and windswept!  This is a fantastic area to look for pre-historic Megaladon shark’s teeth and to do some serious shelling.  Boomark this blog at for quick and easy access to our website.  Let the professionals at Gulf Island Tours show you the best beaches near Punta Gorda and treat you like royalty.  No more lugging all that stuff to the beach!  Our Land & Sea Package is without a doubt the best way to experience Southwest Florida and all the great beaches near Punta Gorda Florida. 

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Monday, 02 June 2014
Beaches near Punta Gorda FL - 941-505-8687
Are you planning a vacation in Punta Gorda Florida?  This Southwest Florida area offers several beaches near Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda FL.   Let the professionals at Gulf Island Tours show you all the area has to offer beach lovers!   Relax and catch some rays with Gulf Limousine service and leave all the hassles of navigating traffic and parking to us.  Most people would never think of using a limousine service to visit the beach but a "land yacht" is the perfect way to see the areas and be totally worry free!  Give us a call and we will help plan your "land yacht cruise" to Manasota Key where you will  have a choice of four pristine beaches, all less than 30 miles from Punta Gorda, North Port & Port Charlotte!
After crossing the bridge into Manasota Key, Englewood Beach offers the closest beach access from Punta Gorda.  In fact, it is also known as "Punta Gorda Beach."  Right across the street from the beach there are pubs, pool halls, funky beach bars and restaurants sure to delight any beach goer!  It can be hard to find a parking space at Englewood Beach but with Gulf Island Tours, you won't have to worry one bit about parking.   While you're there, you might want to check out the beach shop then get your choice of beverages at the Circle K.  Both are conveniently located right across the street from the wide expanse of Englewood Beach.  Once there, you can rent chairs & umbrellas so there is really no need to carry more than a beach bag and cooler!  So, when planning a day trip to a beach near Punta Gorda FL, we can take care your group coming and going to Englewood Beach so you can indulge in your favorite beverages with no worries what-so-ever! 
Just a few miles from Englewood Beach is gorgeous Stump Pass Beach Park.  After passing through the roundabout, a quick turn to the left at Englewood Beach you will enter Stump Pass Beach State Park. There you will experience a completely natural, unspoiled beach with hiking trails that extend to the Gulf of Mexico and to Lemon Bay on the canal side.  Stump Pass Beach is a long peninsula on the far southern end of Manasota Key where you can go shelling or perhaps fish from shore!  This fantastic beach near Punta Gorda is a nature lover's paradise but there are no stores nearby so plan accordingly.   
Yet another beach near Punta Gorda is Blind Pass Beach Park.  This area is also called "Middle Beach" because of its location close to the center of Manasota Key.  A lot of tourists may not know about this beach but it is definitely our favorite!  Be sure to check out the hiking trails thru the mangrove forests and keep your eyes peeled for Herons, Cranes, Egrets and Ospreys!  We love this area since once you journey "around the bend" of Blind Pass it is usually an uncrowded area.  In our opinion, it is "Old Florida" at it's best.  Again, no worries about navigating or parking because with Gulf Island Tours, we will drop you off at a location you like the best and then pick you back up as soon as you are ready to leave.  This area is one of the few places left on the Gulf of Mexico where you can drive along the road and have a beautiful open view of the beach and water!  That's why our customers like it the best - they can ride along and pick out their favorite spot to spend the day on the beach.
Finally, another fantastic beach near Punta Gorda FL is Manasota Key beach at the northern end of Manasota Key.  Though still on Manasota Key, this beach is just over the county line between Charlotte and Sarasota County.  Keep in mind though, this beach tends to have more of a "drop off" than a gradual slope so is a often somewhat deeper.  This is good if the water is calm and you want to do some snorkeling.  This end of Manasota Key appears seems to go on and on!   After storms, there is great shelling and shark tooth collecting here.  During the ride there, you will pass under a tropical forest canopy (that feels like a cave almost!) for a few miles! Depending on your needs, this beach near Punta Gorda might be perfect.  There are bathrooms and showers there but again, no stores are nearby so pack a cooler for the day.   
So, if you are planning a Southwest Florida vacations and are wondering what beaches are near Punta Gorda, bookmark our blog for quick and easy access to our website!  We can also help you plan a boat tour or yacht charter combined with our limousine service from Punta Gorda!  Let the professionals at Gulf Island Tours make your day at a beach near Punta Gorda one to remember for a lifetime!
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