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Friday, 19 December 2014

Guide and Charter - Customizable Florida Boat Charter Itineraries 

We had an extraordinary Christmas light boat charter last night for a family of four requesting a private guide and charter to tour several exciting destinations with a customized itinerary.  The family onboard the charter were parents with their college aged children so they were all up for a boating adventure!  They lived in Punta Gorda so their tour began riding in our Chrysler 300 Super Stretch limousine for their free transfers from Punta Gorda to Englewood. FL.  On all eight hour boat charters, whether on our yacht or the pontoon boat, we offer free limousine transfers to and from either vessel.  A lot of people might be scared to go on a boat charter at night but with Captain Stuart Keel at the helm, people can relax and fully enjoy their personalized guide and charter with no worries.  We all disembarked Chadwick Cove Marina in Englewood, FL at 3:30 pm stopping at Stump Pass Marina for fuel. 
Upon arrival, we were greeted by a bunch of huge pelicans and even got to see an Albino Pelican which is a very rare sight!  After taking pictures of the pelicans, the family decided to go into Stump Pass Restaurant and Tiki Bar to order some food to go for their long journey to South Seas resort located on Captiva Island.  Along the way, we stopped so they could enjoy time on Gasparilla Island.  They did some shelling on the pristine white sand beach and took pictures while they watched the sun slip down into the Gulf of Mexico.  Just after the sun had set, they came back onboard for the 90 minute journey to see the fantastic Christmas light display on Captiva Island at South Seas Resort.  Florida sunsets on the west coast are not only colorful, after the sun goes down we usually have a lot of light for at least 30 minutes all along the horizon.  As we passed Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa Islands, they were still visible.  We proceeded to Captiva Island and arrived at our first destination around 6:30.  South Seas Resort certainly didn't disappoint! 
All the palm trees were lit along with thirty or more Christmas trees but Santa  on his throne was the most extravagant display.  There were elves frolicking in the fake snow, a thirty foot tall outdoor television screen playing Frosty the Snowman and huge grills makings smores.  Along with that, all of the yachts in the marina were decorated which made for a very colorful light display.   But, we had another light show to see in Punta Gorda where both the captain and the family lived.  Though we didn't know this fine family beforehand, they explained they had done a lot of research before selecting Captain Stuart for their guide and charter since they wanted a night time cruise. We cruised the next two hours through Charlotte Harbor star gazing.  It was a very clear night in Southwest Florida and we all saw something spectacular we had never seen before.  While gazing up into the sky, we saw dozens of huge white birds flocking around the pontoon boat.  It was truly amazing since the solid white birds seemed to almost glow in the dark against the backdrop of the dark night sky. 
Around 10:00 pm, we began slowly cruising through the canals in Punta Gorda which were just as amazing as the Christmas light display on Captiva Island.  In Punta Gorda Isles, there are miles and miles of manmade canals that were built more then 50 years ago.  The residents there spare no expense decorating their back yards which creates one of the most phenomenal Christmas light displays one could ever experience because the lights are all mirrored by the water.  The boat charter ended at their house, located at the end of one of the canals.  The family said it was one of the most amazing journeys they had ever experienced and want to book the boat charter next year to do the same thing again! 
So, if you are looking for an experienced guide and charter for your next Florida vacation, bookmark our blog at for quick and easy access to our website. 
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Private Yacht Florida

There are many special occasions in life where booking a private yacht in Florida would be the perfect venue.  During the month of December, we got a call from a SOSH girl's club in Englewood, FL requesting a private yacht charter to go to Venice Florida for the Christmas Boat Parade.  They booked our Bronze Package for their private yacht Florida event.  Since there were many in the club, they were able to split the cost of the private yacht charter.  They embarked on the cruise at Chadwick's Cove Marina at 4:00 pm.  The marina is on Manasota Key which is just across the street from Englewood Beach.  As we cruised up the Gulf's Intracoastal waterway, the weather was calm and beautiful as we made our way towards Venice.  It took just over an hour to reach our destination and we picked out the perfect spot for this private yacht Florida event!  The ladies then went downstairs, into the spacious salon area and exchanged their Christmas presents.  They were definitely having a loads of fun laughing and having cocktails while opening their gifts.  A lot of people wouldn't think of booking a private yacht in Florida for an event like this and they are really missing out on a lot of fun!  After they opened their gifts, it was time for the Christmas Boat Parade to begin.  Our yacht is a 45 foot Carver Voyager with and interior and exterior roomy enough that people can enjoy their special occassions whether it's a holiday or birthday party but it would even be perfect for a baby shower or a girls night out. 

After we watched a glorious Southwest Florida sunset, the boat parade started passing right beside our boat.  Several ladies watched from the flybridge while other sat in the cockpit on the stern of the vessel.  All were delighted to have a front row seat for the boat parade.  The parade was delightful as there were many boats to look at with fabulous multi-colored light displays.  When the parade ended, each of the ladies had each brought a dish and so they put their spread out in the galley.  They had everything from chips with fancy dips to cakes and pies along with loads of chicken wings.  There was enough food there to feed a small army.  They had also made chocolate pudding rum shots with coconut.....something we had never seen before!  When they had finished their meal, they all came up into the flybridge to have another cocktail and to enjoy the leisurely cruise back to Englewood, FL.  During this time, we played several concert DVD's from the 70's, 80's 90's on the huge flatscreen TV which they all enjoyed tremendously.  They were all glad they booked a private yacht charter for their special event and are planning to book our H2O-Limo pontoon boat for their next event.

They disembarked around 9:30 pm and thanked us for having such a wonderful time!  We didn't realize it, but one of the ladies was a little under the weather and after the parade, had gone down to one of the staterooms for a snooze on the cruise back from Venice, Florida.  She told us it was the best nap she had ever taken in her entire life!  That is the great thing about a florida yacht charter.  There are several zones onboard our spacious vessel so people can do whatever they want during their private Florida yacht charter. 

So, for your next special event, bookmark this blog post for easy access to our website!

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